is Flemish dialect for a small honeybee. Pronounced in a loving manner, it’s often used by the male to address the female when he is looking to get something from her.

BIEKEN is one of the only true honey ales from Flanders, Belgium.  It’s brewed by the very small independent family brewery Boelens in Belsele, near St.Niklaas

located in the northeast part of East Flanders. 

This ale pours a very large head of fine, foamy white, lasting bubbles. The body is colored a hazy, light orange-yellow. The floral taste and aroma is further enhanced by Curacao orange zests, a not dominant balancing bitterness, and finished with a faint sweet honey taste lingering on the palate. 

The 8.5 % alcohol leaves a glowing sensation in the throat.  Ideal with all salads, or fruity desserts.