To brew beer, you need four basic ingredients:
  • Water: a pure and natural water with a hardness of no more than 20 French
     degrees is required. The brewery has its own water wells.
  • Malt: this is sprouted barley which is produced when the barley has absorbed
     45 % moisture. The barley then sprouts for five days while spread out on a floor,
     which keeps the barley light and moist. The sprouting must be stopped at the
     right time, at which point we begin the drying process which makes the moisture
     content fall from 45 % to 5 %. Depending on the drying method, you get either
     a dark or pale malt, which will influence the color of the beer.
  • Hops: hops is a climbing plant of which only the female unfertilized flowers are
     used for brewing beer. Hops gives the beer its characteristic bitter taste and
     hoppy aroma.
  • Yeast: yeast is a living ingredient and therefore also the most delicate
     ingredient of beer. The yeast is produced in the laboratory of the brewery.