The only beer that is actually brewed and lagered in Brugge (Bruges), the fierce medieval town in Flanders, the Venice of the North, one of the three most beautiful cities in Western Europe.  Pale blond ale, crowned with a white head, blooms with a fruity pronounced aroma, hints of lemon, and hits the palate with a refreshing dryness, embellished by hints of spices and orange, balanced by an underlying faint malty sweetness. This is one of the lighter Pale golden ales with an alcohol content of 6 %. The beer finishes with a short, fruity taste that somewhat sticks to the palate. 

A great beer to drink with friends and family around the dinner table, goes with most dishes where it brings refreshment and cleansing of the palate. The fruity dryness and the relatively low alcohol content make it a great refreshing beer to drink with company during pleasant times, or moments of extreme fun. 

Because of the more conservative use of hops, and thus the lack of an outspoken bitterness, this beer is very well suited to use in the preparation of food dishes and deserts. Sabayons is a given, but also many sauces will be highly enhanced with this beer.