The Nicolis Family Winery was established in 1951 by Angelo Nicolis and his wife Natalia.

Today, the winery is run by 3 of their sons, each adding to the company in his particular area of expertise. Giancarlo takes care of the vineyards and guarantees the quality of the grapes; Giuseppe is the oenologist who is responsible for the wine-making and assures the wines authenticity; Massimo handles the marketing for the domestic and foreign markets.


Valpolicella Classico has a medium ruby red color that shifts to a garnet red with aging. The nose is delicate, reminiscent of bitter almonds. It is a dry wine with medium body and a harmonious taste. Great for an entire meal, it pairs very well with first course dishes as well as with roasted white meats



Amarone “Ambrosan” is the top of Nicolis’ production. It is a princely, full-bodied, elegant and vigorous wine with an intense garnet red color and a dry taste, robust but delicate with vanilla hints. The perfume is a compound of flowers, wood and leather. It is best served with game, full-flavored cheeses and roasts. It can also be enjoyed on special occasions as a “meditation wine”.