Poperings Hommel



 This beer is a one of a kind ale, that you can best classify with the other Strong Golden Ales from Belgium.

What makes it special is of course the yeast, and what makes it unique is the higher amounts of hops used. This beer has about twice the bitterness of other Belgian beers. We can not expect less, since this beer has been brewed for centuries in the heart of the Belgian hops region: Poperinge. Indeed, the small village of Watou is today part of the city
of Poperinge.

"Hommel" is the local word to identify hops, and it may come from the Latin word "humulus", used to identify hops. Some people in Poperinge believe it is the other way around: the local word was the source for the monks-scientist, many centuries ago, to create the word "humulus".

Poperings Hommel ale was Michael Jackson's beer of the month in July, 1999. The Beerhunter that is. Listen to how he describes the beer: "... a roselike floweriness, honeyish notes, orange-zest hop flavors and a late spicy, cuminseed dryness."

Poperings Hommel ale is brewed with a blend of summer, winter and aromatic pale malts. The brewery has its own well where soft water is found, and only local grown hops from the Gold and Hallertau family are used.

FOOD COMBINATIONS: served best chilled, but not too cold, to allow flavor and aroma to blossom. Great aperitif beer to waken the appetite. Dishes where the bitterness of the beer can offset the sweetness of the food. Depending on the sauces, white fish dishes, chicken pastas, and game may be a good match. This beer is very refreshing, and cleanses the pallet perfectly with every sip, which makes it the beer to taste food.