Wine is often referred to as a certain lifestyle product. Radford Dale is a product of a certain lifestyle. Enjoyment is the key, locked into quality. 

Having decided that they want to be masters of their own destiny

Ben Radford and Alex Dale intend to enjoy it.


Born and raised in the Barossa Valley , Ben comes from a family rooted in the Australian wine industry. Years of winemaking in various continents, from Europe to North America to South Africa , have combined to forge in Ben a wealth of experience.

Alex Dale was born into a family of wine merchants, importers and distributors in Great Britain . Escaping in his teens to read French literature at Dijon University , he became overwhelmed while studying the culture and tradition of the great wines of Burgundy . Fast forward 12 years: Alex moves to the Cape in 1994 and immediately commenced an inspirational trajectory, respected for bringing a higher level of expertise and passion to the South African wine industry.


Having locked paths in Burgundy and then in South Africa , Ben and Alex decided in 1998 that they wanted to create their own identity in wine. The two had come to realize that they shared an almost identical philosophy: answer only to yourself and to your glass - no compromise, no pressure to achieve margins. 

Just do the best you can, the way you feel is right.


A number of fabulous vineyards in Stellenbosch were secured, premises too, barrels shipped in: time to put money where their palates were. In their view, the two most promising locations are the Helderberg Mountain and Devon Valley . And so they set about identifying the best possible sites and the most diligent grape growers within them . . . ever mindful of their driving objective: focus on quality.

Appellation: Stellenbosch, South Africa

This really is the best of both worlds: classic, spicy peppery Shiraz , with layers of firm, ripe tannins and bound with abundant juicy, fruit. Our challenge each vintage is to accomplish balance; not easy in our sunny climate. This Shiraz has power and restraint, backbone and fruit. A combination of attributes representing precisely what the Cape can do best.

“A dark, jammy Syrah, with notes of chocolate and prune weaving through the black cherry and cassis fruit. Nice texture, with violet and coffee bean notes on the finish.”

88 points - Wine Spectator (2001 vintage)