Massed produced? NOT!

Sara Buckwheat

the “black” grain, called “Sarrasin” in French, and “Grikki” in Russian is a very common grain in Southern Europe and in Russia. These names let us believe that the grain originally came from the Middle East, and was introduced in Europe by the Greek. Buckwheat is a grain that grows fast (ripe in less than three months) and grows on poor land. Buckwheat offers extremely good food value, and has been known for thousands of years to restore unbalanced digestive systems, and help lower blood pressure.

FOOD-COMBINATIONS. Easy drinking beer, goes with meat-dishes and with fish-dishes, or just for a pleasant refreshing drink with crackers in the evening. Serv cool in Champagne bucket under ice. A real thirst quencher.


The European controlling organization ECOCERT has awarded the ORGANIC certificate to the SARA Buckwheat beer. That's a nice accomplishment for the brewery, since it is not easy to get this certificate. Congratulations to the Brasserie de Silenrieux.

During WW II, in many parts of Europe, farmers switched to buckwheat, since wheat, oats and barley had to be sold to the German army. Buckwheat is cooked like rice, and many cultures bake cookies, pancakes and bread with a mixture of wheat and buckwheat.

Since 1995 we’ve been bringing buckwheat to the U.S. in the form of Sara, the organic buckwheat ale from Belgium. Brewed in a small farm-house brewery, Brasserie de Silenrieux, in the Western Ardennes, based on an old brewing recipe from the region, where buckwheat is grown for ages on patches of land in between the many forests.

SARA has a dark golden color, is well hopped and spicy at the same time with a dense head. A hearty refreshing exclusive new taste, and rare aroma, prove that buckwheat made its impact in the brew kettle. Indeed, up to 25 % of the grain used is unmalted buckwheat, the rest is barley malt. SARA is kept at 6 % alc. by vol, which makes it a thirst quenching drinking beer. The adventurous flavor of the
beer makes it an ideal companion with hearty dishes, and exotic flavorful meals.