“Great wines are produced in the vineyard” is a maxim which we now take for granted, though this was not necessarily the case 20 years ago. At Schreckbichl we have never been in doubt of the fact that there is no substitute for top quality grapes.

The vineyards around the tiny hamlet of Colterenzio near Girlan are among Europe’s oldest. The first Roman settlers in the area founded the Cornelianum estate, marking the beginning of a wine culture which would develop and become the subject of songs and poems by medieval troubadours. Even the name remained: over the years Cornelius became Girlan, as the village is now known. In 1960 a group of 28 winegrowers and estate owners in the Überetsch area, from Schreckbichl, Girlan and Frangart, pooled their resources to found the Schreckbichl (Colterenzio) Winegrower’s Co-operative under the motto ‘united we are strong’.