Troubadour Blond

The clear, golden, attractive color is what strikes you first.  A firm white head is the crown of this golden ale. Your first experience, while sipping the BLOND, will be a refreshing, sparkling effect on your tongue, followed by a mild bitterness enhanced by a spiciness, that finishes with a sweeter sensation. A good nose recognizes the hops, in combination with fruity esters. 

With its 6.5 % alcohol by volume it is somewhat stronger in alcohol content than regular beers, but it’s not overpowering, and it allows one to easily drink more than one glass--especially with dinner, where we recommend it certainly with fish dishes. Although it is a typical beer to sharpen the appetite, while drinking it with your friends, family or business partners before actually having dinner.  And of course we will not refrain you from drinking a few more after dinner while having more fun with your company.




Troubadour Obscura mild stout

Pretty dark color, as you would expect from a stout.  Slightly more red-brown, though, when compared with Irish stouts. A dense rich creamy beige head crowns your glass. Thanks to the refermentation in the bottle, we have the natural carbonation. The flavors are deeper, richer, more pronounced: malty, clearly roasted (is it hints of coffee, is it hints of chocolate?) Deceptive, because the relatively high alcohol content is not immediately felt, except maybe a slight glowing sensation.  A complex aftertaste, with some licorice undertones, and a pleasant bitterness survives last.  Absolutely a beer to savor and enjoy—let you taste buds experience every ounce of flavor.  A lot of lace is left on the empty glass. 

Food recommendations: more a beer to have with your main course. The pronounced taste makes it an ideal match for dishes with strong tasting sauces. Let it fight, let it compensate. Some will enjoy this beer as their last beer of the day, or as dessert.  Another ideal occasion would be the middle of the afternoon sitting on a patio with friends, or watching people go by.  This beer clearly reminds you of the Good Life.